Scots, Hackers, and crazy Uncle Joe!

Hello everyone and welcome to post number 26 of the blog. I’ve been planning on writing a new blog for a while but turns out this whole law school thing is a lot of work. But fear not! I’m back, ready with (hopefully) insightful, witty commentary on this crazy thing called life. Or just funny pictures, whichever.
The first thing I need to go over quickly is this leaked photos controversy where a bunch of females celebrities had their computers hacked and naked photos of them taken and then posted on the internet. My first thought is this, and to those of you who read the blog regularly you’ll know where this is going, but where are we at as a society? I mean really? We actually have assholes out there who will expend the calories and the time to find and hack into celebrities computers to steal photos. That’s where we’re at. I mean just….why? Is it just that we as a younger generation have too much time on our hands? I mean don’t get me wrong every generation has it’s share of weirdos/assholes, but you don’t have as much time to be a weirdo when you’re storming the beaches at Normandy ready to take on the Germans. Not to get on my high horse here, but c’mon guys, a little less computer hacking and a little more time on the treadmill might do you some good. So that’s where we’re at as a society. But issue two is we do this move where we put stuff online, even in secure areas like the cloud, but we still expect bank level security. I’m not saying you should never store anything online, but if you have some…ahem….private material, put it offline somewhere. Because some hacker will figure your computer out eventually, and there’s no shortage of hackers. ISIS has hackers for Christ’s sake, and before they made some moves they barely had two shekels to rub together. 
Oh and speaking of ISIS, according to the oracle known as “crazy uncle” Joe Biden we’re “following them to the gates of hell” which sounds like fun. We haven’t had a good chase to the gates of hell since when Captain America promised to take Hitler there. Is Joe Biden auditioning for a movie or something? How great would it be to be vice president? Just make broad declarative statements, but really have no responsibility. You’re basically the political equivalent of Wendy Williams. You’re either nodding in agreement or quickly googling Wendy Williams. 
Since we’re on the topic of making broad declarative statements, Gene Simmons claims rock n’ roll is dead. He makes some good points about the state of rock n’ roll in 2014, but to say it’s dead is ridiculous. It’s changing, with more focus on streaming and purchasing online (and yes downloading illegally) but if anything it’s given new bands more venues to share their music, as well as older musicians a chance at a resurgence. (Case and point these two songs from Slash (formerly of Guns and Roses) and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, both of whom released new kickass songs with new bands)
Nice try Gene.
Even though it’s not a U.S. issue, I want to touch quickly on the vote coming up next week in Scotland on whether they should separate from the rest of the U.K. Long story short it’s been an issue for years whether Scotland should separate, but given the current political and economic and climate in the U.K., especially where the British government in London in relation to the Scottish government in Edinburgh is concerned, many Scots have basically adopted the ideas of “we can do better on our own”. Now everyone from former British P.M. Gordon Brown (a Scot) to current P.M. David Cameron to the Queen of England herself have all jumped in to try and convince people to vote no in regards to separation. We’re talking the whole nine yards politically speaking, from economic packages to bills which gives the Scottish government more freedom is just about every respect. It’s kind of cute in a sense, it’s like “honey, I promise I’ll mow the lawn just don’t file for divorce” or Burger King introducing a new burger to stop us from going to McDonalds. But if the referendum succeeds, I suspect the Scots may find out that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, nor was it long enough to warrant mowing, and that while Burger King sucks, McDonald’s blows ass. Nothing a little fiber can’t clear up though.
Random Thoughts:
  • Ray Rice is a scumbag, it kind of goes without saying at this point but yes, I do think he deserves what he got as far as being suspended indefinitely goes.
  • Hey people who try to make a left at a stoplight with no green arrow and a mile of cars behind you: knock it off. You may be saving 2 minutes but you’re costing everyone else a good 5 minutes each. 
  • One of my new projects I’m working on is a new podcast which is coming along nicely. Stay tuned for that and some more standup dates.
  • Are we still worried about Ebola? It was huge news for like a week and then disappeared. The U.N. is still worried about it, but aren’t they also still worried about swine flu? (you don’t remember swine flu?….exactly)
  • The first week of law school was so stressful that I high fived the random guy behind me in the lunch line on friday just because it was friday.
  • Seriously though, how much would you pay to see a pig who drank 18 beers fight a cow?
  • Does anyone actually want to subscribe to the “Sarah Palin Channel” to hear Sarah Palin’s thoughts everyday? I mean I’m loosely a Republican (more libertarian on some stuff) but even I’m like “24/7? Absolutely not!”
  • Quick NFL winner picks for week 2: Pittsburgh, Miami, Washington, Dallas, Arizona, New England, New Orleans, Atlanta, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Houston, Green Bay, Denver, San Fran, Philly. 
I almost forgot the dumb tweet of the week, This gem comes to us from the mind of Lindsay Lohan.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention, even though it’s a little late, the death of Robin Williams. His movies made us laugh as well as cry, and by all accounts he was a kind hearted, genuine human being both onset and in his everyday life. He will be missed.
giphy (1)
That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! As always, questions, comments, and shameless ego feeding (ala facebook likes) is welcome! And now for the cute GIF of the week!

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